Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Here I am

This is me looking in through the window from the conservatory, trying my best to look innocent. That's because I am innocent. Really. Truly. Not up to anything. Not having pussy cat thoughts, not scheming, not even thinking about food..well maybe just a bit. he he


  1. My dear, you don't have to try to look innocent at all, you ARE. :-)

  2. Hello Nomi! You certainly are a cutie. I only just found you on Poppy Q's blog, and hope you will be posting often. Have a very purry day!

  3. We think that looking gorgeous goes a very longing way towards proving innocence in pussycats....

    The Chans

  4. We're glad to see you have been posting again. Be sure to stop by the CB and meet lots of new friends.

    Oh, no! The evil word verification. Many bloggers can't read the new wv. Including us. We'll try.