Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gotcha day. 1st Anniversary

Hello everyone. Sorry its been so long since I blogged. Miewmie has been busy busy decorating, getting noo furniture and and hundred and one other things. This is me sitting by the puter so that miewmie realised I HAD to get online.
Anyway, I have been here in my furever home a whole year now. I love it here and I have miewmie very well trained. Its taken some time but she has finally got the hang of my food routine. Its simple, feed me whenever I ask you to. I am getting a little podgy but that only serves to keep me nice and warm when I venture outdoors. I like to go out mainly in the evenings...say hello to the neighbours, inspect my patch and so on. Once I am happy that all is well and I have done the necessary, I come back in.
The noo furniture is off limits as far as scratching it goes but just to show my contempt, I won't even sit on it. Ha ha. Sometimes I sneek in a 'quiet' scratch...ooh it feels sooo good. Don't tell miewmie will you?
So here's to many more happy years with miewmie. I think I chose well when I selected her at the RSPCA shelter.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Post-op blues

If I don't look very happy in this photo, it's because I had to have an operation. No, not that one. I've had that one. No, I had to have my 'anal glands' removed because they kept getting infected. Post-op, I had that neck collar off so quickly, miewmie didn't even have time to take a photo. I was very good though and didn't interfere with my stitches. In the end, the vet said I could go without it. Just as well cos I had no intention of wearing it! The worst bit (apart from miewmie making wude remarks about my naked botty) was not being able to go out for 9 days. I was seriously into cabin fever !! I'm pleased to report though that all is well and the nice vet is very pleased with the result. And best of all...I am allowed out again, yay......!!

Friday, 1 July 2011


This is me helping with the ironing. I do this by lying on the ironing board when it is still warm. Miewmie says that this activity has minimal 'help' value but surely, just by lying here, I am adding beauty and serenity to her day.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

In my tent

This is me sitting nicely in my tent. Normally I don't sit quietly but rush all over the room taking my tent with me. Miewmie says I am a crazy girl...and that's before I get to the nip ! Don't you think I have a lovely black fur coat? Miewmie loves to brush me and it certainly helps cut down on the old furballs that I feel compelled to bring up on the carpet from time to time ! he he.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Where is my bloggy page Miewmie?

This is me sitting on the printer waiting for Miewmie to log into my bloggy page so I can tell you all about me. If it looks a bit cramped that's because the puter is under the stairs which miewmie has made into a mini office ! Miewmie has been very busy getting the garden ready for spring and I have been enjoying laying next to the bamboo in the sun. The man on the TV said its going to get colder again so I think it will be a little while before I can do that again. Miewmie even had the sunlounger out (first time this year) and I have discovered that its actually quite comfortable to lie on miewmie while she tries to read. I can forsee lots of sunny afternoons snoozing together with miewmie on the sunlounger.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Going to the cat clinic

I recently had to go to the cat clinic to get my final booster. This is me in my prisoner transport unit. I wasn't very happy about being in there and cried and made quite a fuss. Once I got to the vet though I was very good. Thats because Trudy (the vet) thinks I am very beautiful. I even sat on her knee. Miewmie said not to be fooled and that really I am a hooligan in a fur coat. I am not really a hooligan. I am just energetic !!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Taking over the sofa

As soon as Miewmie brought me to my new home, I immediately laid claim to the sofa. I particuarly like one end of it but try and occupy whichever end causes the most inconvenience ! As you can see from my photo, I feel very 'at home' on it. Miewmie looks at the sofa and sighs remembering the days when she could lie down now and then for a quick forty winks. Not no more Miewmie !!

Monday, 10 January 2011

My first post

Hello all you kitties out there. This is my very first post so I hope lots of you will want to read all about me. I have been in my lovely new forever home for about 2 weeks now and as you can see, I have lost no time in settling in. I have a lovely shiny silky coat which I sometimes let miewmie brush. I am not big on toys but an old shoelace under the rug is great fun !
I am gradually getting the hang of the cat flap thingy and miewmie hopes that in time I will feel courageous enough to let myself in and out of the garden. Truth be known, I am rather partial to the sofa which is so much more appealing than the garden. Maybe when the weather is better !!