Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gotcha day. 1st Anniversary

Hello everyone. Sorry its been so long since I blogged. Miewmie has been busy busy decorating, getting noo furniture and and hundred and one other things. This is me sitting by the puter so that miewmie realised I HAD to get online.
Anyway, I have been here in my furever home a whole year now. I love it here and I have miewmie very well trained. Its taken some time but she has finally got the hang of my food routine. Its simple, feed me whenever I ask you to. I am getting a little podgy but that only serves to keep me nice and warm when I venture outdoors. I like to go out mainly in the evenings...say hello to the neighbours, inspect my patch and so on. Once I am happy that all is well and I have done the necessary, I come back in.
The noo furniture is off limits as far as scratching it goes but just to show my contempt, I won't even sit on it. Ha ha. Sometimes I sneek in a 'quiet' scratch...ooh it feels sooo good. Don't tell miewmie will you?
So here's to many more happy years with miewmie. I think I chose well when I selected her at the RSPCA shelter.