Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gotcha day. 1st Anniversary

Hello everyone. Sorry its been so long since I blogged. Miewmie has been busy busy decorating, getting noo furniture and and hundred and one other things. This is me sitting by the puter so that miewmie realised I HAD to get online.
Anyway, I have been here in my furever home a whole year now. I love it here and I have miewmie very well trained. Its taken some time but she has finally got the hang of my food routine. Its simple, feed me whenever I ask you to. I am getting a little podgy but that only serves to keep me nice and warm when I venture outdoors. I like to go out mainly in the evenings...say hello to the neighbours, inspect my patch and so on. Once I am happy that all is well and I have done the necessary, I come back in.
The noo furniture is off limits as far as scratching it goes but just to show my contempt, I won't even sit on it. Ha ha. Sometimes I sneek in a 'quiet' scratch...ooh it feels sooo good. Don't tell miewmie will you?
So here's to many more happy years with miewmie. I think I chose well when I selected her at the RSPCA shelter.


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Nomi! Gotcha Days are great, our Derry is celebrating his fourth today, so that's pretty cool that you share the same adoption day!

    We wish you a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate!

  2. Concatulationz Nomi on your Gotcha Day, my how time fliez when you furry Happy ^..^ we thinkz you did a furry good job when you choose your mommeh too :) but it iz alwayz hard breaking a new mommeh in, dere iz alwayz sumthin dat haz to be corrected ^..^ ...
    Good Job !
    Purrz & Kissez ~ Merry Chrismouse Nomi ^..^

  3. happy 1st gotcha day friend!!

    BoBo Salem
    Meow Meow Family

  4. A happy 1st Gotcha Day to you from all of us Good Cats! We wish you many more good days to come...

  5. Happy one year Gotchaversary, Nomi! We won't tell about the furniture...we indulge a little ourselves...

  6. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, NOMI! We're glad you are happy in your home, with well-trained staff.

    The Chans

  7. Happy Gotcha Day! Hope it was a good day for you. And Christmas too. Happy 2012.

  8. Happy New year Nomi and Miewmie!

  9. Happy New Year and Happy Gotcha Day Nomi and Miewmie !!!
    It is always nice to see another black kitty.We are 5 kitties and only Tillie is black with pale green eyes :)
    WE purr you are having fun!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ