Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Taking over the sofa

As soon as Miewmie brought me to my new home, I immediately laid claim to the sofa. I particuarly like one end of it but try and occupy whichever end causes the most inconvenience ! As you can see from my photo, I feel very 'at home' on it. Miewmie looks at the sofa and sighs remembering the days when she could lie down now and then for a quick forty winks. Not no more Miewmie !!

Monday, 10 January 2011

My first post

Hello all you kitties out there. This is my very first post so I hope lots of you will want to read all about me. I have been in my lovely new forever home for about 2 weeks now and as you can see, I have lost no time in settling in. I have a lovely shiny silky coat which I sometimes let miewmie brush. I am not big on toys but an old shoelace under the rug is great fun !
I am gradually getting the hang of the cat flap thingy and miewmie hopes that in time I will feel courageous enough to let myself in and out of the garden. Truth be known, I am rather partial to the sofa which is so much more appealing than the garden. Maybe when the weather is better !!